The Herald Investment Trust (HIT) seeks to achieve capital appreciation through investments in smaller quoted companies, in the areas of technology, communications and multi-media. Investments will be made throughout the world. The business activities of investee companies will include information technology, broadcasting, printing and publishing and the supply of components, equipment and services to these companies.

There is no relevant benchmark, so a hybrid is used as a measure of performance, which is 2/3rd the Numis Smaller Companies Index including AIM in the UK and 1/3rd the Russell 2000 Technology Index in the US.



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The value of the investments may fall as well as rise.The shares of Herald Investment Trust will generally trade at a discount or premium to the market value per share of its investments. Most of the investments have limited liquidity and may not be realised in part or in full at the market value at any one time. The Directors consider it inappropriate to attempt to control the discount for a portfolio of this nature.

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